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The HTA has created and approved a ride along program to enable drivers new to the port to ride along with experienced drivers to learn the port terminal operations.   Eleven of the 31 terminals are on board with this program, and members can access this by ordering a HTA licensed sign from the online store.  Once ordered, you will be forwarded the information needed to pre-notify the terminals of your ride along candidates.  You will need one portable sign to put in the windshield of the truck(s) you will be using to do the training. 

This program has been highly complimented by the participating terminals, so you will receive a very positive response from them when using this program.  Trainee drivers must have a TWIC card, Class A license, be entered into the Emodal driver database, and be covered by insurance.

THe HTA licensed sign is available at the HTA Store. The signs are 15" X 30" and available to HTA members at a cost of $125 each. Sign must be displayed in the windshield of participating vehicle.

Contact HTA Central to confirm membership and receive a purchase code.  Allow 3-5 days to receive sign.

Once purchase has been made, you will be forwarded the procedures that have been agreed upon with each terminal to allow you to access the terminal with your trainee drivers.

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